Our Services

Reduce your attack surface

Our range of services is carefully designed to address different stages of security maturity. Whether your organisation is just beginning to adopt a more integrated approach to security in your development process, or you already have established security practices in your organisation, we are here to make security fit in with your broader business goals and business risks in the most effective, cost-efficient way possible.


Get the big picture fast

Receive an Audit to get a fast, comprehensive snapshot of environment security risks against recognised standards and best practice. Our audit reports come with full guidance and action steps to fix most risks.

Threat Model for the deeper view

Clients looking to address security across the stack at a deeper level engage our Threat Modelling service. Threat modelling looks at applications in full context, not just the cloud configuration, and will surface risks arising from architecture, configuration, operations and business processes.

We create our threat models in a way that drives security awareness and collaboration in engineering teams, leading to a stronger security culture. The threat model identifies risks and shows the team how these risks can be reduced.


Hands-off security risk reduction

Typically clients task their engineering teams with fixes for the findings we produce, however we also help clients with directly implementing fixes where needed. This avoids disruption to delivery schedules, ensures security vulnerabilities are fixed quickly and to a high standard.