Make your security count

We specialise in risk-led security for hi-tech businesses

Unify security goals and strategy

Find vulnerabilities hiding in plain sight

We will audit your cloud environment(s) and codebase to alert you to critical things that should be fixed right away. Our audits are designed to be fast, automatable and informative. We can also train your teams to run audits for themselves.

Focus on what matters

Our approach to risk mitigation is built on years of experience in enterprise, balancing business imperatives and tight delivery timescales with stringent security standards. Where many security initiatives attempt to fix everything within reason, we assess your business risks and then focus on what matters to give you maximum value and efficiency.

Involve engineers in security

Your engineer's design, build, operate and troubleshoot your entire technology stack. Yet, in many enterprises, security is handled by teams outside engineering, leading to lower security and more vulnerabilities. We empower your engineers to make decisions around security with the right alignment and oversight through threat modelling. This allows your security teams to focus on the more difficult issues that require their skills and time.

Backed by proven approaches and tools

Threat modelling is at the core of our risk assessments. Popularised by Adam Shostack, Threat Modelling has been in use across the cyber security industry for many years and is an active area of research and new thinking. It is a key part of activities by OWASP and other groups that foster strong security in software engineering.

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