About Us

We bring pragmatism and clarity to technology leaders who are grappling with cyber security challenges. Our approach connects business goals through to security controls through risk. This enables everyone around the table to understand what's at stake, talk the same language and take informed decisions that optimise the investment-risk tradeoff security requires.

We see great power in making cybersecurity accessible not just to engineers but to business leaders, and we've seen it truly change from a brake to an accelerator in product development. The clarity our approach brings to stakeholders gives confidence to press ahead and build great products without security doubts holding them back.

Many businesses fail to link business concerns with the security team's technical expertise. We unlock clarity for leaders, a feeling of relief and inclusion for the security team and a better security culture for everyone, and more assurance for investors and prospective customers.

Our Vision

We see a world where executives understand and measure cyber just like any other critical function, so less time is wasted on technical jargon and more time focussed on charting the course to business success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to re-frame security, to be risk-led, and technical concerns serving that end. In this mode, an organisation can truly perceive and measure the value security offers, make informed security investment decisions, and align security to the organisation's mission.