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Cyber Security

Stop Elevation of Privilege threats in their tracks with Defence in Depth

I talk about my go-to ways to mitigate credential theft. 

Stop Elevation of Privilege threats in their tracks with Defence in Depth

How Threat Modeling could've saved LastPass's bacon

I discuss the security issues LastPass had in 2022 and why I think Threat Modelling could have saved their reputation.

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How to Draw out Risk in a Threat Model

How do you actually go about using your Threat Model to target the risks that your systems are facing? Read my blog to find out!

how to draw out risk

How to Improve your Company's Security Culture

In this blog, I explain what I think is the key component of a healthy security culture and how you can achieve it.

improve company security

My Guide to STRIDE

In this blog I explain STRIDE - a very useful memory aid to know in Cyber Security and when building a Threat Model.

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What are the Benefits of a Threat Model?

The benefits that Threat Models provide have the potential to transform your security and products. Read this blog to find out what they can do for you.

what are the benefits of a threat model

Six Steps to get your Threat Model Started

Threat models are hugely valuable to modern tech businesses. Read this blog to find out my six simple steps to make a meaningful start to threat modelling.


How to Think About Risk

Risk is at the heart of security, and lately, I've been thinking a lot about how we can best measure it - have a read!


The Fallacy of Perfection

The idea that strong walls will keep attackers out is a common part of cybersecurity. Yet this isn't viable or desirable - here's how to measure security.


What does 'Good Security'​ look like?

In this blog, I uncover the simple method to cross the divide, give everyone clarity around what 'secure' means, and boost your security culture.


Risk-driven Security is Better Security

Security requirements in the form of endless spreadsheets to implement before you go live have consequences for security culture and security posture.


Why You Should Model Your Threats

Read here for how Threat Modelling is a brilliant approach to bring clarity, cut through details, help foster better culture & more for your applications.


Why Anti-virus is not Enough

Read this blog to explore why anti-virus is not enough to keep you safe from cyber attackers.